Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sony Move: Looks fun, not worth the money.

Now that Sony Playstation Move is out people can really get a good opinion on it. However, at such a steep price to buy it, about the same price as getting a Wii, some people may think it's better to just get a Wii. And I would agree with those people. Sony Move may be fun, but it just haven't the same type of games that the Wii has got for it. None of the games on the Playstation 3 would transition very well over to motion control like Nintendo's games have. Just look at Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid Prime 3 and Metroid: Other M.

Now what's sad is a lot of people don't consider the Wii for core gamers, and I all have to say to those people is "you're an idiot." I'm confident that most of the people that say that have never tried playing any of those Wii titles. The motion control is seamless in those games; you forgot that you are having to move your hands around to play.

Now I'm not saying that the Sony Move is bad, it seems to work very well, but definitely not better than the Wii does. I think if all the companies could come together for this motion-controlling movement, they could create the perfect product. Sony and Nintendo could perfect the controller part of it to use both Nintendo's IR transmitter and the Sony's Eye Camera, while they help Micosoft smooth over the "controller-less" part of their Kinect, like the delay it has. Any REAL game is going to require some kind of controller, but that doesn't mean it can't combine controller-less parts like body movements with refined controls from a controller.

Sadly, something like that will probably never happen. I think Microsoft has got the right idea with Kinect but I think it's too ahead of it's time. Technology isn't powerful enough to process full motion without a controller in real time, and even if it can it needs to be able to do other things than just track motion. But I think Nintendo and Sony have the better solution for right now, with Nintendo's Wiimotes being the better of the two.

You can check out DarkSydePhil's channel to watch his videos on Sony Move by clicking on this link!


  1. Yeah I agree, it's just too expensive!

  2. Yeah, as Yahtzee said, this is a stage that all consoles go through. One day, we'll look back at this waggle motion stuff and laugh.

  3. Yeah, it bothers me when people say the Wii isn't a real gaming system. They act like the Wii only has kiddy mini-game crap and party game shit.

  4. Hm, nice text. Not sure what to think now.

  5. was thinking on getting it, but now a wii sounds better.
    plus wiis can get all those classic nintendo games which are my fav