Sunday, September 26, 2010

New wood flooring in my house

So I'm getting wood flooring in my house right now. Wow, the process really sucks. I have to get pretty much EVERYTHING out of the house for it. Everything has to be off the floors and taken off the walls. That's a TON of furniture and other things on the walls to move around. I have a ton of stuff in my house, and a lot of it is random heavy things. The beds have to be taken apart to be removed from the rooms, the dressers have to be emptied to be removed from the rooms, the desks and all the electronics on them have to be packed up... It's a nightmare. I can't wait for this to be finished with.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Facebook Phone?

So apparently there's rumors going around that Facebook themselves will be making  their own cell phone for sale. It would run off of Android OS and have deep Facebook integration. Whether or not this is true or not is still unknown, although Facebook has already denied it. But then again, Google had denied creating their own "Google phone" and then the Nexus One came out.

Click here to see the article about this on Boy Genius Report.

Monday, September 20, 2010

IE9: Shockingly fast!

Click here to check out Microsoft Internet Explorer 9!

 I can't believe this, but IE9 is pretty fast. Especially in the HTML5 department. I ran microsoft's little fish benchmark demo thing and the FPS I got was surprising. The other browsers all did horrible, only getting the full 60 FPS on 10 fish, dropping to around 10 FPS on just 100 fish. But IE9 did significantly better; here are some screenshots:

So at 500 fish I'm getting the max 60 FPS. On the other browsers I was only getting like 8 FPS on 500 fish. I couldn't believe how much better IE9 did this test. But now let's see how it does on the max 1000 fish test.

 Wow! 1000 fish and I'm still getting 43 FPS! On all the other browsers when I tried to run 1000 fish, they would just freeze in place (zero FPS) as it just couldn't handle that many fish swimming around.

Despite how well this did, I'm still not one of those people that think HTML5 is the future. I'm sure if this exact same program was made in Flash, I would have 1000 fish be running at 60 FPS on any of the browsers.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sony Move: Looks fun, not worth the money.

Now that Sony Playstation Move is out people can really get a good opinion on it. However, at such a steep price to buy it, about the same price as getting a Wii, some people may think it's better to just get a Wii. And I would agree with those people. Sony Move may be fun, but it just haven't the same type of games that the Wii has got for it. None of the games on the Playstation 3 would transition very well over to motion control like Nintendo's games have. Just look at Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid Prime 3 and Metroid: Other M.

Now what's sad is a lot of people don't consider the Wii for core gamers, and I all have to say to those people is "you're an idiot." I'm confident that most of the people that say that have never tried playing any of those Wii titles. The motion control is seamless in those games; you forgot that you are having to move your hands around to play.

Now I'm not saying that the Sony Move is bad, it seems to work very well, but definitely not better than the Wii does. I think if all the companies could come together for this motion-controlling movement, they could create the perfect product. Sony and Nintendo could perfect the controller part of it to use both Nintendo's IR transmitter and the Sony's Eye Camera, while they help Micosoft smooth over the "controller-less" part of their Kinect, like the delay it has. Any REAL game is going to require some kind of controller, but that doesn't mean it can't combine controller-less parts like body movements with refined controls from a controller.

Sadly, something like that will probably never happen. I think Microsoft has got the right idea with Kinect but I think it's too ahead of it's time. Technology isn't powerful enough to process full motion without a controller in real time, and even if it can it needs to be able to do other things than just track motion. But I think Nintendo and Sony have the better solution for right now, with Nintendo's Wiimotes being the better of the two.

You can check out DarkSydePhil's channel to watch his videos on Sony Move by clicking on this link!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Final Fantasy 14: Amazing graphics

I saw this Final Fantasy 14 trailer video today, and I had one thought: Wow! The graphics and animation are so amazing and realistic! Looking at the guy's eyes and hair are a real treat as you can't see any polygons in them. His eyes even have realistic light reflections in them. Things like this, with all the amazing details in this game, and the incredibly realistic physics, make this game one of the best looking games in the market.

Despite all this however, graphics don't make the game good. Will it be as good as it looks? Who knows. We'll find out when it finally gets released, however I won't, as the benchmark completely raped my laptop. I'm simply unable to run all this game's glory. Too bad. :'(

New HTC Sense for HTC smartphones!

Okay, so HTC had this amazing conference in Europe about two of their new phones, the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z. But along with it came the new HTC Sense, and boy is it amazing! One of the features they had talked about is how it makes the phone boot in less than 10 seconds. Now, I didn't really believe them saying this as it doesn't really make sense to me as to how a user-interface software can make the OS boot up faster, but it really does as seen in this video:

If you'd like to see the entire HTC conference, you can see it by clicking on this link!

Hello, World!

Hey guys, I'm Hobo! This will be my new blog to jot down ideas/thoughts/feeling and anything else I feel like talking about! Maybe I'll talk about technology, or movies, or video games, or maybe just some random things that pop into my mind during the day.

I'm 18 years old and I'm going to college. I'm majoring in Computer Science but I'm taking lots of different courses and many different subjects on the way to getting my degree. I like to learn, read, play video games, watch TV, check out girls, and build computers. Right now my favorite TV shows are Warehouse 13 and Burn Notice, and some of my favorite games of all time are Shadow of the Colossus and Tales of Symphonia.

I live in Houston, Texas, and I'm always on the internet. Despite what you might think though, I have a pretty normal social life. I hang out with friends and I'm always talking to people. Well that's enough for now, bye!