Sunday, September 26, 2010

New wood flooring in my house

So I'm getting wood flooring in my house right now. Wow, the process really sucks. I have to get pretty much EVERYTHING out of the house for it. Everything has to be off the floors and taken off the walls. That's a TON of furniture and other things on the walls to move around. I have a ton of stuff in my house, and a lot of it is random heavy things. The beds have to be taken apart to be removed from the rooms, the dressers have to be emptied to be removed from the rooms, the desks and all the electronics on them have to be packed up... It's a nightmare. I can't wait for this to be finished with.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Facebook Phone?

So apparently there's rumors going around that Facebook themselves will be making  their own cell phone for sale. It would run off of Android OS and have deep Facebook integration. Whether or not this is true or not is still unknown, although Facebook has already denied it. But then again, Google had denied creating their own "Google phone" and then the Nexus One came out.

Click here to see the article about this on Boy Genius Report.

Monday, September 20, 2010

IE9: Shockingly fast!

Click here to check out Microsoft Internet Explorer 9!

 I can't believe this, but IE9 is pretty fast. Especially in the HTML5 department. I ran microsoft's little fish benchmark demo thing and the FPS I got was surprising. The other browsers all did horrible, only getting the full 60 FPS on 10 fish, dropping to around 10 FPS on just 100 fish. But IE9 did significantly better; here are some screenshots:

So at 500 fish I'm getting the max 60 FPS. On the other browsers I was only getting like 8 FPS on 500 fish. I couldn't believe how much better IE9 did this test. But now let's see how it does on the max 1000 fish test.

 Wow! 1000 fish and I'm still getting 43 FPS! On all the other browsers when I tried to run 1000 fish, they would just freeze in place (zero FPS) as it just couldn't handle that many fish swimming around.

Despite how well this did, I'm still not one of those people that think HTML5 is the future. I'm sure if this exact same program was made in Flash, I would have 1000 fish be running at 60 FPS on any of the browsers.